Thursday, December 30, 2010

end of 2010 and welcoming 2011

Finally, it comes to the end of year, which most of people will look back what they have done, as well as look forward in 2011.

In the last 12 months, There are lots lots of things that happen in this year from bad to good and good to bad, but I cant write it one by one. 1st too long, 2nd too lazy. Basically, I had totally different life from the past few years.

1st it's start with I moved to Sydney
2nd learn how to be a great chef
3rd try to build a relationship with new people
4th got a job as apprentice chef
5th miss my friends, family, malaysia, jakarta, food back in indo n malay
6th travel around sydney and gold coast
last but not least, gonna work on new year.....

so that's what happened in 2010 and now, let's look forward to 2011:

1st really looking forward to go back to indo on febuary to attend my best friend's wedding, meet my friends, eat lots of indonesian food, shopping (very expensive at here)
2nd try to stay in sydney and built my career
3rd will see what will happen next

Friday, November 12, 2010

86 days

It's 86 days to Sunday, 6th February 2011. It's a day when I have the biggest chance to have my 1 week holiday to go back to my hometown to meet my friends, eat indo food that i cant find it here, meet my best friends and last but not least attend my best friend's wedding.

By this time, I'm hoping that my head chef will allow me to go back on that day, so i can spend more time with my family and friends. 

So, here is the list of things to do, to eat and to buy:

* Things to do:
1. go to orthopedic to check my back bone or muscle or what so ever
2. go to dentist -> it's really expensive in oz
3. try to make cake for BIANNA bday -> hopefully there's enough time to make it
4. make some food for my family
5. meet my junior and senior high school friends
6. meet my uni friends (vianna, kiki, tepo and etc)
7. go to reflexology (at least 2 times)
8. full body massage 
9. meet my family

* Things to eat:
1. PADANGGGGGGG -> cant find it here....damn it (must eat 2 times) (lunch or dinner)
2. Cie Mei Char Kwe Tiau (supper)
3. Roast and BBQ pork rice Jln. Kopi (lunch)
4. TSS(lunch)
5. Soto burung, Soto Tangkar and Soto bang mamat (lunch, lunch and dinner)
6. Lontong Cap Goh Meh -> suddenly cross my mind (brekky)
7. Cing Cong fan
8. Siomay emon (have to bring to sydney)
9. Pempek and otak2 (have to bring to sydney as well)
10. Jemahdi (kepiting, udang raksasa, cumi goreng tepung, kangkung terasi) (lunch or dinner)
11. teko or lekko or whatsoever (dinner)
12. nasi uduk (brekky)
13. would like to hang out in kitchenette, baron bistro, soho, paulaner braushaus, pizza e birra 
* Thing to buy because everything is f*****g expensive at here except beer:
1. shirts for Bernard's Wedding
2. lots lots lots of clothes
3. Jeans (hopefully I can find adidas diesel)
4. Short pants for summer
5. Shoes by adidas original or nike sportswear 
6. Birkenstock
7. blood pressure machine
8. Utilities (odols, shampoos and sabunsss, obat2an, koyo 1 dus :p, sabun cuci muka) 

so it's another 86 days and flash forward pleaseeeeee

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Started my day in French – Belgium cafe (Le Pain Quotidien) with late lunch menu of chicken breast and smoke mozzarella tartine. The cafĂ© is awesome and I really like to stay here, anyway this is only my 2nd time and most probably I’ll come back again next week on my day off.

(Le Pain Quotidien)

(Chicken breast and smoke mozzarella tartine)
Finally, I’m back to my sketchbook which is I left for 2 weeks I guess and I have dozen of stories to write. Accompanied by a glass of hoegaarden, I come out with this blog called NOVINBER.

(The best beer)
It’s November and my big day is coming soon less than 1 week. I never thought that I’m gonna miss my big day without my BFF bianna, nenen, babsy, erika, ewic, silpi, aswin, my twin sister from another parents and many more. It’s gonna be my 2nd bday without them. So my plan for my big day, I’m going to celebrate it 3 times with my different friends. I guess I’m gonna spend more than my 1 week wages, anyway it’s my big day so forget bout the money and spend more time with friends. 

(My last bday with them 2 years ago)

Lately, my work was really tiring which was I had to works for 6days straight and it was really busy during the weekend. Butttttttt….. I have a good news which is I’ve got the permission to go back to my hometown next February for my best friend wedding. Unfortunately, I’m gonna miss CNY again with my family and friends in oz, cause all of my friends whom I spend with most of the time, they’re going to celebrate the CNY back in Indo. Therefore, my plan for CNY, I’m gonna spend the dinner with my LCB friends (tiffany and fendy) but it’s depend on our roaster.

Introducing my friends in oz:
(Old ppl group)

(Fendy and Tiffany)

The other good news is my best friend asked me to be his best man, which is a great honour for me to do it. So, I really am looking forward to next February and it just few months away cause time flies like running water.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

places that i want to go

Places that i want to with friends and family:

1. Bora Bora island
2. Fiji Island
3. Great Barrier Reef (oz) -> going on helicopter and look at the amazing view
4. Melbourne (oz)
5. Alice Springs (oz) 
6. New Zealand
7. All of Japans
8. Korea (Bushan and Seoul)
9. Malaysia (especially KL....)
10. All of Europe (West, East n North) especially Greek, Italy, France (hope can stay for few months) -> can't write each country cause there are too many countries at europe
11. America (North and South) & Canada (looking forward for AURORA)
12. Africa (Egypt, Kenya and North Africa)
13. Thailand (especially Phuket for 3 hours massage which is very cheap compare in oz)
14. Bahamas island
15. India 
16. Baliiiiiiiiiii and other places in Indo
17. Alaska
18. Maldives
19. After complete no 1 - 18, start looking for new places

Can i make it before the time separate me from this world???

Friday, October 15, 2010

which one are you?

Have u ever heard the philosophy about "work to live or live to work?"

I think, I don't have to explain bout this philosophy, cause i guess most of u can determine it by yourself.

Through the words, I describe myself as the person who work to live. It can be seen from my characteristic which is like to play around, have fun and many more.

So, my plans for the next few years are:

1st: work in Oz for the next 2-3 years to gain experience and $$$
2nd: travel around the world in a year to fulfill my dreams to learn about the foods,ingredients, people, art, culture, taking pictures, gain experience and etc
3rd: i guess i have to go back to oz or any other places that i can gain my experience and back to $$$ again for my living.
4th: have a family
5th: we'll see later (hopefully i cant have my own resto back in my hometown)

Next, which one do you think is more important? money, family & friends, career or dream?

For me, I would like to say that family & friends gonna be the most important things cause u cant stand by your own, 2nd it's gonna be money. I know it sound ridiculous, but it's fair enough to think that is important, cause u can't live without money. Except u're some crazy person that choose to live without family & friends as well as the money. Then the last one is gonna be my dreams cause to fulfill all of my dreams i'm gonna need $$$.

I know it's really sound stupid that talked a lot bout $$$, but I really want to live quite wealthy with happy family and friends.

So, tell me which one are you?
Critics & Comments are welcome


Thursday, October 7, 2010

No. 27

Here it is Quay no.27 world best restaurant.

I think i made the right choice to choose oz as my destination to study in culinary cause at here there are uncountable good resto with fantastic food.
Last week me and my friends were lucky that we can eat at one of the best world resto and the best resto in sydney within 1 week resevation.

Basically, i had four course menu as my dinner and we started our dinner with canape which was very fantastic taste. 

And this is the list of the food that i had that nite:
First : Sea Pearls which are consists of Sashimi tuna, sea scallop, crab, smoked eel, octopus
Second :  Crisp confit of pig belly, green lipped abalone and cuttlefish, handmade silken tofu, Japanese mushrooms, chive flowers 

Third : Berkshire pig jowl, maltose crackling, prunes, cauliflower cream,  perfumed with prune kernel oil 

Fourth : Jackfruit snow egg
Based on my experience, the food at there haven't gave me the feeling of striking yet, but the dessert was really really good. Unfortunately, it's a jackfruit and i was hoping it was guava as it shown in masterchef.

However, the service at there was really good and for the first time I went in to their kitchen. I'm quite surprise that they have lots of asian chef at there and there are quite big numbers of woman who woks at there. Andddddd..... I was really lucky that I met Peter Gillmore whom is the creator of the food. 

And here some of the pictures and videos of the view and the food from Quay.

First Course

Second Course

Fourth Course

Unfortunately I dont have neither the picture and video of my third course

 Canape  (Dashi jelly with tuna tartare and white eggplant cream -> if i'm not mistaken)

 The group member's (Porche and Fendy )

 The group member's (Fendy and Tiffany)

 The group member's (Ben and Cher)

 The group member's (Fendy, Tiffany and I)

 The group member's (Cher and K)

Our table view (Sydney Opera House)

For further information about the resto check on

And for our next destination is Tetsuya which is used to be no.2 world best resto in the world.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nick Name

what do you know about nick name?

here is some of nick name that i've gotten from the people around me from the past few years.
at first, i only have basic few nick name from my full name which is yulius novin, but since i was in malaysia, lots of my friends made lots of nick name for me and some of it sounds like a girls name.
however, i really get use to it rite now.

so, here it is:
- nop
- vin
- pin
- yul
- jul
- yus
- yuli (from my besties in malaysia, sounds like girls and they treat me like girl as well) T.T
- caesar (i've got it from my 1st workplace in oz)
- julio (pronounce as hulio, my latest nick name from my new workplace)

so, what is yours?