Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nick Name

what do you know about nick name?

here is some of nick name that i've gotten from the people around me from the past few years.
at first, i only have basic few nick name from my full name which is yulius novin, but since i was in malaysia, lots of my friends made lots of nick name for me and some of it sounds like a girls name.
however, i really get use to it rite now.

so, here it is:
- nop
- vin
- pin
- yul
- jul
- yus
- yuli (from my besties in malaysia, sounds like girls and they treat me like girl as well) T.T
- caesar (i've got it from my 1st workplace in oz)
- julio (pronounce as hulio, my latest nick name from my new workplace)

so, what is yours?

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