Thursday, October 7, 2010

No. 27

Here it is Quay no.27 world best restaurant.

I think i made the right choice to choose oz as my destination to study in culinary cause at here there are uncountable good resto with fantastic food.
Last week me and my friends were lucky that we can eat at one of the best world resto and the best resto in sydney within 1 week resevation.

Basically, i had four course menu as my dinner and we started our dinner with canape which was very fantastic taste. 

And this is the list of the food that i had that nite:
First : Sea Pearls which are consists of Sashimi tuna, sea scallop, crab, smoked eel, octopus
Second :  Crisp confit of pig belly, green lipped abalone and cuttlefish, handmade silken tofu, Japanese mushrooms, chive flowers 

Third : Berkshire pig jowl, maltose crackling, prunes, cauliflower cream,  perfumed with prune kernel oil 

Fourth : Jackfruit snow egg
Based on my experience, the food at there haven't gave me the feeling of striking yet, but the dessert was really really good. Unfortunately, it's a jackfruit and i was hoping it was guava as it shown in masterchef.

However, the service at there was really good and for the first time I went in to their kitchen. I'm quite surprise that they have lots of asian chef at there and there are quite big numbers of woman who woks at there. Andddddd..... I was really lucky that I met Peter Gillmore whom is the creator of the food. 

And here some of the pictures and videos of the view and the food from Quay.

First Course

Second Course

Fourth Course

Unfortunately I dont have neither the picture and video of my third course

 Canape  (Dashi jelly with tuna tartare and white eggplant cream -> if i'm not mistaken)

 The group member's (Porche and Fendy )

 The group member's (Fendy and Tiffany)

 The group member's (Ben and Cher)

 The group member's (Fendy, Tiffany and I)

 The group member's (Cher and K)

Our table view (Sydney Opera House)

For further information about the resto check on

And for our next destination is Tetsuya which is used to be no.2 world best resto in the world.


  1. the sea pearls do look like ice cream!!! still cant believe it's not ice cream ~.~

  2. hahahaha
    lu ada ntn videonya ga bi???

  3. ngga yus males ntn video makanan suka bkin laper n ngiler...hahahaha