Friday, October 15, 2010

which one are you?

Have u ever heard the philosophy about "work to live or live to work?"

I think, I don't have to explain bout this philosophy, cause i guess most of u can determine it by yourself.

Through the words, I describe myself as the person who work to live. It can be seen from my characteristic which is like to play around, have fun and many more.

So, my plans for the next few years are:

1st: work in Oz for the next 2-3 years to gain experience and $$$
2nd: travel around the world in a year to fulfill my dreams to learn about the foods,ingredients, people, art, culture, taking pictures, gain experience and etc
3rd: i guess i have to go back to oz or any other places that i can gain my experience and back to $$$ again for my living.
4th: have a family
5th: we'll see later (hopefully i cant have my own resto back in my hometown)

Next, which one do you think is more important? money, family & friends, career or dream?

For me, I would like to say that family & friends gonna be the most important things cause u cant stand by your own, 2nd it's gonna be money. I know it sound ridiculous, but it's fair enough to think that is important, cause u can't live without money. Except u're some crazy person that choose to live without family & friends as well as the money. Then the last one is gonna be my dreams cause to fulfill all of my dreams i'm gonna need $$$.

I know it's really sound stupid that talked a lot bout $$$, but I really want to live quite wealthy with happy family and friends.

So, tell me which one are you?
Critics & Comments are welcome



  1. yeah be wealthy, i support you!! so you can send me some flight tickets for holiday and dont forget what you promised about taking me n nath to america! AHAHAHAHA... :p but i believe you'll be one successful wealthy man one day :D

  2. first family&Friends, then $$$. what about health?

    dont chase $$$, n to only use $$$ to chase health.

    anyhoo, yes work ur ass off n get a private jet. so u can pick us up, or just hop here n there to see friends n family :)

  3. @phi: so which one are you???work to live or live to work???just pray for me become successful then i'll keep my promise.hehehehe

    @hester: bknnya ga mikirin health, but it's included ga mikir muluk2 sampe punya jet dll.yg penting gw bisa hidup tanpa mikir uang da ga pusing de. :p