Friday, November 12, 2010

86 days

It's 86 days to Sunday, 6th February 2011. It's a day when I have the biggest chance to have my 1 week holiday to go back to my hometown to meet my friends, eat indo food that i cant find it here, meet my best friends and last but not least attend my best friend's wedding.

By this time, I'm hoping that my head chef will allow me to go back on that day, so i can spend more time with my family and friends. 

So, here is the list of things to do, to eat and to buy:

* Things to do:
1. go to orthopedic to check my back bone or muscle or what so ever
2. go to dentist -> it's really expensive in oz
3. try to make cake for BIANNA bday -> hopefully there's enough time to make it
4. make some food for my family
5. meet my junior and senior high school friends
6. meet my uni friends (vianna, kiki, tepo and etc)
7. go to reflexology (at least 2 times)
8. full body massage 
9. meet my family

* Things to eat:
1. PADANGGGGGGG -> cant find it here....damn it (must eat 2 times) (lunch or dinner)
2. Cie Mei Char Kwe Tiau (supper)
3. Roast and BBQ pork rice Jln. Kopi (lunch)
4. TSS(lunch)
5. Soto burung, Soto Tangkar and Soto bang mamat (lunch, lunch and dinner)
6. Lontong Cap Goh Meh -> suddenly cross my mind (brekky)
7. Cing Cong fan
8. Siomay emon (have to bring to sydney)
9. Pempek and otak2 (have to bring to sydney as well)
10. Jemahdi (kepiting, udang raksasa, cumi goreng tepung, kangkung terasi) (lunch or dinner)
11. teko or lekko or whatsoever (dinner)
12. nasi uduk (brekky)
13. would like to hang out in kitchenette, baron bistro, soho, paulaner braushaus, pizza e birra 
* Thing to buy because everything is f*****g expensive at here except beer:
1. shirts for Bernard's Wedding
2. lots lots lots of clothes
3. Jeans (hopefully I can find adidas diesel)
4. Short pants for summer
5. Shoes by adidas original or nike sportswear 
6. Birkenstock
7. blood pressure machine
8. Utilities (odols, shampoos and sabunsss, obat2an, koyo 1 dus :p, sabun cuci muka) 

so it's another 86 days and flash forward pleaseeeeee

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