Thursday, November 11, 2010


Started my day in French – Belgium cafe (Le Pain Quotidien) with late lunch menu of chicken breast and smoke mozzarella tartine. The café is awesome and I really like to stay here, anyway this is only my 2nd time and most probably I’ll come back again next week on my day off.

(Le Pain Quotidien)

(Chicken breast and smoke mozzarella tartine)
Finally, I’m back to my sketchbook which is I left for 2 weeks I guess and I have dozen of stories to write. Accompanied by a glass of hoegaarden, I come out with this blog called NOVINBER.

(The best beer)
It’s November and my big day is coming soon less than 1 week. I never thought that I’m gonna miss my big day without my BFF bianna, nenen, babsy, erika, ewic, silpi, aswin, my twin sister from another parents and many more. It’s gonna be my 2nd bday without them. So my plan for my big day, I’m going to celebrate it 3 times with my different friends. I guess I’m gonna spend more than my 1 week wages, anyway it’s my big day so forget bout the money and spend more time with friends. 

(My last bday with them 2 years ago)

Lately, my work was really tiring which was I had to works for 6days straight and it was really busy during the weekend. Butttttttt….. I have a good news which is I’ve got the permission to go back to my hometown next February for my best friend wedding. Unfortunately, I’m gonna miss CNY again with my family and friends in oz, cause all of my friends whom I spend with most of the time, they’re going to celebrate the CNY back in Indo. Therefore, my plan for CNY, I’m gonna spend the dinner with my LCB friends (tiffany and fendy) but it’s depend on our roaster.

Introducing my friends in oz:
(Old ppl group)

(Fendy and Tiffany)

The other good news is my best friend asked me to be his best man, which is a great honour for me to do it. So, I really am looking forward to next February and it just few months away cause time flies like running water.


  1. of course u r looking forward to the next feb because u r gonna make me A BIRTHDAY CAKE yeaaaaaahhhhh!!! looking forward to see u too brotha!! :D